AerialWorks Sotogrande

Trainning Sotogrande, Cádiz, Spain


Aerial Hoop is a beautiful art form, in which performers create stunning displays of strength and skill high above the stage.

The hoop itself is a suspended steel ring, much like a hula hoop, that is rigged by one or two points to the ceiling. It has evolved from the high wire and trapeze swinging acts, which in turn came from Gymnastics and Acrobatics.

Students learn to flip, roll, turn, pose and transition between positions whilst building strength and flexibility.

Aerial Hoop work has really hit the main stage in the last few years, with more and more cruise ships, artists and entertainers adding Aerial Work to their shows and repertoires.
Adding more strings to your bow as a dancer/gymnast is now an essential part of modern day training.

Here at AerialWorks each class will involve a warm up, conditioning, hoop tricks, transitions, and combos building up to a choreographed routine for each group to conquer, finishing the lesson with a cool down and stretch.

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