British Osteopathy Clinic

Salud Sotogrande, Spain


At British Osteo we are dedicated to treatment and relief of
musculoskeletal pain, joint stiffness and biomechanical problems.
We treat patients of all ages with the simple aim of Keeping You Active using a range of evidence based medical and complementary treatments.

We are trained in the UK and have operated in busy London clinics since 2013 and currently, we are based in Southern Spain.

Most patients consult us because something ‘hurts’. Usually the site of the problem is easily identified and the treatment commenced on the first visit.

Conditions we can help include; back pain, neck pain, headaches referred from the neck, joint pain or stiffness, an injury from sport or a work related posture problem.

Our aim is to diagnose, explain, treat and advise patients all on the first visit. This way our patients get better quicker.

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